Enjoy World of Tibetan Nomads


We fit homestay to your expectation in KHAM. We offer to experience tibetan nomad lifestyle in Dzongsar area.

We can organize homestay and pick up you at Chengdu, Shangrila, Xining, Yushu, Dege and organize for you the travel to Dzongsar. 

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Nomads fascinate us. Moving across the grasslands with their animals, living in a tent or a wood house, nomads evoke a sense of freedom. Their world cherishes mobility and the liberty to roam in search of grass and water. Values that humankind admires – courage, integrity, generosity – are principles instinctive to nomads.






They also have an intimate knowledge of their environment and an amazing ability to handle animals. Known in the Tibetan language as drokpa, translating as ‘high-pasture people’.

Nomads’ lives are finely turned to the growth of grass, the births of animals and the seasonal movement of their herds.



yeshi tsomo-baby yak  traite yak  yak dorphu